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Joey Harrington To Start On Turkey Day

If Byron Leftwich wasn't so fragile, Bobby Petrino might've been forced to make a really dumb decision.  Thankfully, the AJC is reporting that he had his mind made up for him, as Leftwich has a tailbone injury.

I hate to make light of injuries to anyone, but this needed to happen to keep Leftwich from actually getting killed against the Colts. That's not a guarantee that Joey Joe Joe will do better, but after Leftwich's performance last week he needs to ride the pine for now. Chances are Petrino will throw him back into the fire, of course. I'd just prefer it didn't happen against one of the best teams in the league.

In the same article, we learn that Rod Coleman, Trey Lewis, Todd Weiner and Blakley are all likely out. Ojinnaka will start in Weiner's place and Blakley will be replaced by Courtney Anderson, but I'm definitely more concerned about the defensive tackle tandem than anything else. Babineaux is a known quantity and should perform well, but damned if I know what Montavius Stanley is capable of. This is especially alarming because Joseph Addai is a talented back who tends to expose a lack of quality up the middle.

In short, this could be a rough one, folks.