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Martrez Milner Lands Awkwardly On Injured Reserve

There's an old saying where I come from: if your name is Martrez Milner, you're probably going to suffer a season-ending injury in your rookie year. It should be noted that they do a lot of drugs where I come from.

So as you can guess, Milner's out for the year.

I think the kid has a lot of promise at tight end, and clearly Alge's injuries made them long and hard about finding his eventual replacement. The Falcons signed Courtney Anderson to replace him; he's probably the more polished blocker, but he's not going to offer much from the perspective of the passing game. A shame Milner's rookie season had to end that way.

Here's hoping he comes back strong next season, ready to do some damage in the passing game. Whoever is behind the helm next year would probably appreciate not having to throw the ball to either the running back or Roddy White on every single play.