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Look, It's Jason Snelling!

As part of his ongoing campaign to make things right with the angry crowd of Falcoholics out there, Pet Rhino has brought Jason Snelling back into the fold, also cutting anonymous linebacker Travis Williams. After serving the past ten weeks in the practice squad gulag, the capable fullback/ halfback hybrid is finally back with the team.

What this means for Pinner and Norwood, I can only guess. It should mean that Pinner basically becomes useless, because he already wasn't getting any carries. It makes you wonder why Snelling had to wait so long for his chance. He looked terrific in the preseason and clearly has a good head on his shoulders, so I'm still nonplussed about why he wasn't serving as the team's power back early on. Now, with an actual shot at the division, it looks like Pet Rhino has decided he can help them win. Go figure.

Norwood shouldn't see a dip in carries whatsoever, however. He should be used as the team's lethal weapon with 10 carries a game, Dunn taking 10-15 as the team's "featured back" and Snelling getting maybe 5 in short yardage and on the goal line. I think he could also spell Ovie Mughelli, which will probably be good for him. Any way you look at it, this move can't hurt the offense.

Welcome back, Jason.