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Is D-Hall Changing His Tune?

When did DeAngelo Hall know he was going to try to burn every bridge on his way out of Atlanta like the Union army? Tough question. All I know is that it sure seemed like he was going to beat a path out of town come this offseason.

Yet frequent posters (here, have a cookie) runningback and Hamburger noted that DeAngelo Hall was discussing Chris Houston like a proud papa after the game. He even said he'd take a pay cut to stay in Atlanta, which was just plain ol' stunning. A lot of the post-game chatter tends to be just that: chatter. But it's still an interesting thing to say for a guy who wanted nothing to do with this team approximately ten minutes ago.

So would it be worth it to keep DeAngelo around? My answer might surprise you, but I would sign him to a fat contract if he was really willing to try to cut the trash talk. Though I've been able to do little but rail against his attitude, he's quietly put together a solid season with 35 tackles, 3 interceptions and a forced fumble. More importantly, he's been able to shut down his guy unless his emotions get the better of him. He's clearly maturing as a player, if not a person.

That's the issue. It's easy to forget that despite his freakish athletic talent, Hall is the same age as that handsome devil Dave the Falconer. He still has time to grow into a truly elite corner, and given the Falcons' luck he definitely will if he's allowed to go somewhere else. I think the organization should watch him closely for the rest of the season to see what his attitude ends up looking like, but his talent is undeniable. I hope the brass spends a lot of time on that decision, unless Hall makes it for them by bolting.

Because I knew when he was going to be both special and a pain in the ass.