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Falcons News For October 5

First of all, you probably all know by now that DeAngelo Hall is questionable for the Sunday's game against the Titans. If this were any team but the Titans I'd probably already be curled up in a ball sobbing, but the Tennessee wide receivers sorta aren't very good. Think last year's Falcon receiving corps and you've got the right idea. Still, it's not appetizing to consider the possibility that we'll have Lewis Sanders as our #1 guy out there Sunday. Hopefully Chris Houston and David Irons will be more involved.

It's also good to hear that Rod Coleman has at least a chance of playing, even if the questionable marking means it's only 50 percent. I think I speak for everyone when I say that his pass rushing abilities have been sorely missed around the Georgia Dome. I still doubt he'll play this week, but he's closer to action and could be back to anchor a line that needs his help right about now.

On the non-injury front, Petrino & Co. are talking about giving Norwood more carries for the fourth week in a row. I don't understand why this is so difficult; either Norwood has the ball in his hands or he doesn't. It doesn't take a complicated physics equation to hand the damn ball off to him every now and then. I'm a little tired of hearing the coaching staff talk about "trying to find him more carries" when they could just dial back the number of carries Warrick Dunn is getting. Inexcusable.