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Bobby Petrino Scares The Hell Out Of Me

To be a fly on the wall for this one:

Falcons Pro Bowl cornerback DeAngelo Hall met with head coach Bobby Petrino Monday morning to discuss Hall's criticism of last week's release of veteran nose tackle Grady Jackson. Details of the meeting were kept private.

Petrino declined to say if any disciplinary measures would be taken. Hall also declined to elaborate.

In fact, the outspoken Hall said the only time he plans to speak to the media for the rest of the season is following the remaining nine games. The loquacious Hall said he felt that he has been portrayed in the wrong light in some of his recent interviews so it would be in his best interest to keep quiet.

Seriously, what did Bobby Petrino do in there? We went from DeAngelo Hall hating everything and mouthing off at every opportunity to declining comment. Wait, let's emphasize this.

DeAngelo Hall declined comment.

This can't help but be good for the team. Several of you have noted that this season basically has been one of the most awful things ever to happen to human beings, and I more than welcome anything that will kill a few of the more public distractions. I'm not convinced Hall has really set aside any of his grievances, but with Pet Rhino's crack team of snipers trained on him, I guess he figures he can seal it for a few.

Weigh in on this. What'd Pet Rhino say?