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DeAngelo Hall Just Won't...Well, You Get It By Now

The Falcons made a bold move by cutting Grady Jackson, and you knew it wouldn't be long before someone influential weighed in on it. Someone with a long history of talking, and talking, and then talking some more.

DeAngelo Hall strikes again!

Look, I recognize the validity of some of his points. Petrino's playcalling hasn't worked out real well yet, that's for sure. The front office certainly could've gotten something for Grady, even if it was just a 6th or 7th round draft pick [editor's note, by Dave the Falconer] (As Hamburger correctly points out, the trade deadline has come and gone. They could've tried to dump him sooner, certainly, but oops). And you certainly have to at least entertain the possibility that the Falcons are seriously considering tanking this season at this point. These are all valid, and everyone from Crumpler to Hall have taken the staff to task for it. I don't dispute it.

But c'mon, DeAngelo. You say everyone playing has sucked so far, but then you assert that you've all "earned your jobs" and you don't want any rookies stealing playing time? And you want to talk about hypocrisy? Your loyalty to Grady Jackson is admirable, and anytime you jump to someone's defense I can't bash you for it (well, almost anytime). But it's becoming increasingly apparent to me that you want the hell out of Atlanta. Many players make a little noise about it and then shut up, but you just cannot stop talking. If you weren't pitting yourself directly against the entire organization at every turn, I might be more inclined to take you seriously.

What I'd like to see from the Falcons is a max effort for the rest of the season. If Hall and other vets are unhappy and can jump ship after the season, then I guess the organization should and probably will let them go on their ways. It's not fair to all the other players and the coaching staff, no matter how angry we get at them, that they have to listen to the same guy call everybody out every week.

Have fun somewhere else next season, D-Hall.