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Grady Jackson Cut By Falcons

He may have been a 400-pound malcontent defensive tackle, but damnit, he was our 400-pound malcontent defensive tackle. Not so, say the Falcons, who have decided to cut Grady Jackson.

The obvious reasons for this are as follows: Jackson was old and way too heavy, Trey Lewis looks ready to play now, and this team is going nowhere. I thought Grady was playing reasonably well this season, but truth be told the team doesn't have room for him moving forward (no pun intended). I'm much more interested in what Trey can do for us both now and in the future, though it does open up the possibility that this defense is going to start going downhill. I think, at this point, that we can deal with that.

The Falcons also signed Terrance Pennington, who will back up/ replace Quinn Ojinnaka if the new starting tackle proves to be ineffective. I don't know too much about the guy except that he started nine games for the Bills last year and then got cut, which tells me those nine games didn't exactly knock Marv Levy's old man socks off.

Let's see what the Falcons do with the new empty roster spot.