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Byron Leftwich Succumbs To Evil Ankle

You know, I think Kynan Forney said it best:

"I don't know what we did wrong, but it's coming on us this year," Forney said. "I guess it just ain't our year."

Amen. The bad news that most of you have already probably heard by now is that Leftwich is out for 2-4 weeks and Foster is a great big ol' question mark. That could mean that Joey Joe Joe is going to be protected by Quinn Ojinnaka on his blind side. Now, I happen to think Ojinnaka could turn out to be pretty good. The fact that he was basically left to clean out his toenails every week this season even after Gandy went down doesn't really bode well, though.

Leftwich's high ankle sprain is obviously not good, either. The one thing he has in spades over Joey is arm strength and my face is going to melt if I see any more 2 yard passes to Joe Horn. At some point you're just beating a dead horse until it dies again. I'm not Byron's biggest proponent, as you know. I think with some better scheming and decent protection Harrington can turn in passable to above passable play, which is all we really have the right to expect at this point. But I will say that when the game was nearly over and we needed to move down the field in a hurry...well, I wished Leftwich was in there. Maybe he wouldn't have done any better, but a series of bombs to Roddy White was not out of the question.

So that leaves the Falcons in a difficult position. The best Pet Rhino can hope for is that Harrington is so pissed off about being benched that he channels the ghost of Dan Marino (minus the perm). The only way he's going to be able to stay on his feet is if Ojinnaka turns out to be a pleasant surprise. And the only chance either of those results have of helping us win is if the running game is able to get going. If none of those things happen, you ask?

Well, I understand basketball season's coming up.