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Friday Inury Report: Crumpler Doubtful

The injury report became a little bit weightier this week with news that Alge Crumpler is not likely to play. Even if you take into account the fact that Byron Leftwich uses tight ends about as often as Bobby Petrino uses his emotions, this isn't a good sign for the offense. But what else is going on in Injuryland this week, you ask? I'll tell you.

DT Jonathan Babineaux, Knee, Probable: As one of the more valuable and versatile interior defense linemen on the team (if not the most valuable and versatile), Babineaux is a guy I want playing as much as possible. His legal woes aside, there's no way having him on the field can hurt. He should be ready to go Sunday.

DT Rod Coleman, Knee, Probable: Yeah, that's a pretty major injury our boy Rod is coming off of. Yeah, he might be getting older. But Coleman is, like Babineaux, a major reason that the defensive line has been strong over the last couple of years. Let's hope for some sacks.

TE Alge Crumpler, Knee/Ankle, Doubtful: I make no secret about how much I love Alge, so I'll also make no secret about how unhappy this news makes me. I have to wonder if the combination of a different coaching philosophy, the absence of Vick and the nagging injuries are going to screw up the rest of his career. For now, he's just not likely to play. I hope Blakley and Milner can put up at least half his production Sunday.

QB Joey Harrington, Ankle, Probable: Unless Leftwich throws 10 INTs or breaks his leg halfway through the game, Harrington is going to be sitting on the bench. I don't think that's a good decision, but what the hell do I know? I'm not getting paid millions of dollars to analyze this stuff.

FB Corey McIntyre, Hammy, Doubtful: It's nice to have depth at fullback, but it's not necessary. Doesn't sound like Corey's going to play.

LB Stephen Nicholas, Ankle, Out: The rookie played reasonably well in limited action and I think he will eventually step in and become a starter. I like our depth at linebacker and think it's important, so I hope Nicholas is coming back sooner than later.

CB Lewis Sanders, Shoulder, Questionable: This year's Jason Webster leaves the cornerbacking corps a little thinner. Sanders has been exactly the kind of bargain basement pickup that I expected him to be, and I can't say I would be unhappy to see Chris Houston get the start. Still, good wishes to Sanders and a full recovery to nickel or dime back.

T Todd Weiner, Knee, Out: Weiner's out for a while and we're left with the Clabo-Foster tandem at tackle, which inspires so much confidence that I'm hyperventilating into a paper bag. Come back soon, Todd!

WR Joe Horn, Knee, Probable: Horn gets his former team this time out and says he's not looking for revenge. Given the way he's played, he's not getting any regardless. Still, it'd be nice to get him the ball a few times and have him pile up some quality stats.

For the Saints, WR Marques Colston is probable and CB Jason David is doubtful. Not quite the impressive injury list we have, eh?