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Falcons Say Give Us A Sandwich, Pass On The Trade

According to the venerable Steve Wyche of the AJC, the Falcons didn't make any trades. This doesn't surprise me in the least. To further my popular boat analogy, the Falcons are already so far underwater that Lewis Sanders is being dragged off by an octopus, but the team still isn't ready to let anybody get in the lifeboats.

I appreciate the considerable discussion we generated in the last thread; I like a healthy mix of opinions. Now that this team is staying as is, there's sure to be plenty of speculation about the mighty man-crush Pet Rhino has on Brian Brohm. After all, if we made no trades that means either our team is performing way below their talent level (depressing) or we actually suck this badly and we're trying to tank the season (self-inflicted keyboard wound depressing).

Either way, it's time to start talking about what the Falcons can do to either salvage this season or start planning ahead for next. The NFC South still is just crappy enough that reeling off a massive winning streak would probably put the Falcons in contention, but that seems doubtful. Much more likely is a scenario where the Falcons go 4-12 or 5-11 and put themselves right near the top of the draft next year. If that seems like the best-case scenario in a week or two, it's time for Pet Rhino to completely ignore Alge Crumpler and all the other vets and just play the kids.

Think about it. DeAngelo Hall might back off his trade demands, but if he doesn't there's no way I want McKay to have a massive brain fart and sign Lewis Sanders again. No, I'd rather see Chris Houston and David Irons get some experience at that point. I'm not saying take D-Hall out, but I definitely am saying take Sanders out and rotate the rookies in. I feel the same way at receiver, where Joe Horn should be losing even more time to Laurent Robinson. Or defensive tackle, where Grady Jackson and Coleman should be spelled by giant Trey Lewis. Hell, even Daren Stone should be getting some time over Lawyer Milloy. I realize the defense has been the strong part of the team, but if you're already going to lose most of your games, why not see what you got out of the last couple drafts?

Still, I do wish we had tried to trade for an offensive lineman. My heart goes out to whoever ends up at quarterback for the next couple weeks; we're going to be screaming at them about short passes while they end up eating turf.