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Petrino's A-Comin'

Courtesy of, Bob Petrino is apparently the Falcons' choice to succeed Jim Mora, which I must confess is pretty surprising to me. Petrino's a college guy with a proven track record of creative playcalling, and that's exactly the kind of coach I was hoping the Falcons would get. I just thought it wasn't very likely that Petrino would be the guy, but I'm more than gungho to give him a shot here. If he's willing to mix it up on offense and gets a good staff around him, I see only a few reasons why he shouldn't succeed, starting and ending with Senor Vick himself. I'll have details about the contract as soon as I get them, but I gotta say, I like the decision.

Update [2007-1-7 23:54:59 by Dave the Falconer]: The big news is that Petrino is now the new Falcons coach, with a 5 year, $24 million contract that will be absolutely worth it if Petrino can adapt well. Maybe I'm having a big ol' pitcher of Kool-Aid, but I couldn't be more excited if Vince Lombardi and Tom Landry's ghosts combined into one super coach in the body of a 200 ton robot.

OK, I guess that would be more exciting.