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The Woe of Listening to Me/ Open NFL Thread

Those of you who read my story and ran dramatically through the streets to spend money on the teams I didn't pick to win....congratulations. You are both a wiser and richer man than I. Those of you who decided that I had some modicum of skill in choosing outcomes have probably donated your wallets and kneecaps to the bookie of your choice, and for that I am truly sorry. At least you've learned for tomorrow, right?

I just wanted to say how absolutely incredible the 4th quarter of the Cowboys-Seahawks game was. It was far from pretty, Romo's bobble was painful to watch, and yet it was exactly what I'm looking to watch when I'm sticking pins into my Saints voodoo doll. You can't put a price on that much tension so late in what otherwise would've been a very forgettable playoff game. You can check out Blogging the Boys for what promises to be an understandably rough week, or head over to Field Gulls for a well chosen quote from Pulp Fiction. A really thrilling game, and my congratulations and sympathies go to the respective fanbases.

What of the Colts-Chiefs game, you say? Disappointing. The Colts won easily thanks to a head scratching effort from their run defense (where the hell did that come from?), and Trent Green goes down in my playoff pool with an 8 point whimper. Screw you, Colts!

I'll be on the road for the early part of tomorrow, so feel free to use this as an open thread for tomorrow's early games. If you're also fleeing to Mexico in anticipation of heavy debts, I'll see you down there.