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Coordinate This!

This was a considerably longer post up until the point where my computer went down and I learned the value of saving my work and not being a moron. Anywho, wanted to note that the the AJC has a ton of front page content on the coaching candidates. Right now we have a field of four, including Bears' D-Coo Ron Rivera, Chargers' O-Coo Cam Cameron (great name!), Steelers' O-Coo Ken Whisenhunt, and 49ers' assistant head coach Mike Singletary (who I originally abbreviated as ass head coach before I realized what a horrible, horrible mistake it would really be). That's a pretty impressive field of in-league talent, but I'd still like to see some college names added to that list. Out of all those names, I like Cameron and Rivera the best, and I've been impressed enough with Rivera's planning over the past few years that I'm sorely tempted to proclaim him my favorite candidate thus far. Even though I'm sure he'd be flattered, it's a little too early to tell. I'll bring you more updates as they come.