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Greg Knapp?

So let me get this straight: our esteemed former coach Jim Mora gets fired by the Falcons, primarily because of his stubborn protection of his terrible offensive coordinator. Mora ends up taking a job as the secondary coach for the Seahawks, which ain't half bad but is several steps down from head coach. Meanwhile, the sinister visage of Greg Knapp is now going to be leering at me from the Raiders' 2007 media guide as their new offensive coordinator. Not only that, but saint over at Silver And Black Pride actually likes this move.

Let me be absolutely clear on something. As far as coaching goes, Greg Knapp is pure, grade A evil. The fact that he got an arguably better coaching gig than Mora and is suddenly going to an open field passing attack offense that he's never run before makes me believe that karma is going to bite him so hard in the ass that he's going to need stitches. As much as the blame can be parceled out for this season's utter failures, I honestly think the burden falls the heaviest on Knapp's shoulders. I'm actually enraged that he gets such a sweet, low-expectation gig while Mora has to climb his way back up. It's made me mad enough to defend Mora, even.

What do you guys think?