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There Can Only Be One Falconer!

So the official Falcons page has a piece from Chris Pika about next season's opponents, and it's damn good. A quick look at the schedule reveals a cringeworthy four games against the AFC South, which may be the most frightening division in football in terms of teams that somehow find a way to win. We also get to play Shockey's Assclowns--er, the Giants--and the Brad Johnson Sucksquad, which should be forcefully renamed the Vikings next season. Overall, it's a pretty tough looking schedule.

Meanwhile, there's a little featured comment on the main page by a user named DeathFromAbove, who notes that a staggering 75% of the Falcons' games next season will take place indoors. You don't have to be a rocket scientist (though it probably helps) in order to realize that that's very good for the Falcons, who traditionally play pretty well indoors, and very bad for them should they make the playoffs. A team like the Falcons probably needs to get used to different weather as much as is humanely possible unless they've got homefield through the entire playoffs. Which, quite frankly, isn't likely.

And the final item in our news report for the day is that the Falcons will have the #10 pick in 2007 NFL draft. I'm no expert, but I believe the Falcons would do well to draft a top notch receiver, a hard hitting safety, or a coverage cornerback who, you know, shuts up every now and then.

Falconer out!