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The Mediaman Cometh

So as hard as it might seem to believe, the real hype for the SuperBowl hasn't begun yet. Just like a villain in an anime, the media saves its best for last. That's why the next week is going to be filled with bizarre hoopla, meaningless storylines and reporters following players around like tiny, yapping dogs. I have to confess that media day is practically a holiday for me. Every year the media duels amongst itself to come up with the most inane and utterly stupid question ever asked of another human being. Even though there's plenty of good journalism going down, those are the things that stand out year after year.

So I hope you enjoyed the hype bye week, because now it's time for a million stories about Peyton, Rex, Tony, Lovie, and the occasional obscure third stringer with an upbeat life story. You may even hear from Jim Sorgi, God bless him.