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Holy Freakin' Shit

I don't like the stir up the ol' rumor pot too often, because I think it tends to be full of nothing but a bunch of unsubstantiated junk made up by journalists who don't actually leave their chairs to do reporting, and for whom reporting might actually consist of biting into a jelly donut and then yelling "Marino's coaching the Dolphins!" But when I am presented with such what is indisputibly the most awesome rumor I have ever heard, I can't resist. If you care about the Falcons in the slightest, all of you need to get out your inflatable Falcons team altars and start praying this happens. It should be noted that the Falcons brass have rightly said it would be stupid to trade him this year because of the staggering cap hit, but prepare yourself for this rumor, which came to me on the wind:

The Oakland Raiders trade for Michael Vick, in exchange for Randy Moss, Jerry Porter, and the #1 pick.

I want to stress that there is approximately a 0% chance of this happening, and that's optimistic. But I also want to note that this would give the Falcons a pair of overhyped but greatly above average receivers, leave Schaub and Shockley still on the roster, and give the Falcons a chance to pick up a new QB or whatever the hell else with the #1 pick. I don't know anyone outside of perhaps Michael Vick and Arthur Blank who wouldn't jump all over that trade like John Madden on Brett Favre. Given that it's financially and physically impossible, I guess I'm just putting it here cuz it put me in such a gosh darn good mood.

Would you pull the trigger on that one?