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Bears versus Colts, anyone?

Allow me to confess something: I don't like either of these teams all that much. The Colts drive me crazy every year with their insane records despite a porous defense and a quarterback who reminds me of the Janitor from "Scrubs". The Bears have a defense I greatly admire but an offense that's so gruesome they use it as stock footage in war movies. That being said, though, this has all the hallmarks of a fantastic Super Bowl. It's an offense with crazy ass potential against a defense with crazy ass potential, and the fanbases are both fiercely loyal. Just take a look at some of the comments on the story over at Windy City Gridiron's story, and think about how we Falcons fans would react in the same situation. The only difference would be that we have no pictures of '85, but that's a self-loathing, deeply bitter story for another day. Or just take a look at the giddy, oxygen needy take over at Stampede Blue. I may not like either team very much, but I can't take anything away from them. They clawed and scraped their way here, and their fans deserve every moment. When I watched the end of the Colts-Pats game and saw Manning bowing his head because he couldn't bear to watch...that was a good moment. Here's hoping the Super Bowl has a few more, eh?

Congratulations to both sets of fans. Maybe you guys would like to send some luck our way next year?