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Vick to be Exonerated?

There's a report circulating that there was no marijuana or any other illegal substance in the hidden side pocket of Vick's water bottle and he won't be charged. I'm sure it'll be a huge relief to the organization and to Vick himself, but this actually raises more questions for me. If he's not carting around marijuana in a secret compartment on the side of his water bottle, why was that everyone's first reaction? Why does he have something like that on a water bottle in the first place? Still seems pretty suspicious to me. The main issue now is how the team will deal with this in-house, because I doubt Blank lets Vick off the hook entirely for creating yet another public image problem for the franchise. My guess is something comparatively small, regardless, and that Vick continues on his merry way. Lesson learned for anyone?

Probably not.