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No, Vick Hasn't Made Me Jump Off a Bridge

Just so everyone's aware, the cherry on top, feather in the cap, one extra scoop of ice cream to this entire season--Vick and his latest incident--has not caused me to disappear off the face of the earth. Work and a need to actually sleep sometimes has done that for me. But I plan to be back and updating with my usual cheery effiency from now on, so huzzah!

Today I'm going to pop a link up to a Rich McKay interview on the Official Page, wherein the stalwart GM talks about Vick being a dumbass. What's particularly unusual about the piece is how unsunshined it is. McKay talks about being disappointed in his star QB, and you almost get the sense that he was the one who wanted this interview up on the site, although I wouldn't rule out Blank.  The softball nature of the questions is more typical, but McKay nails the company line over and over. Everyone's unhappy about it, they'll support Vick, and on and on into infinity. The question I really would like to see answered, of course, is whether or not Schaub and perhaps even D-Shock are going to get to compete for a starting job. I'd obviously like to see what Petrino can do with Vick, but if either of the backups look better out of camp....I'm not going to complain about a change, that's for sure.