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Remember Brian Finneran?

Over at the bright and shiny Official Falcons Page, they have an interview with B-Finn, who I had almost managed to forget even existed. As the most consistent receiving threat the Falcons have outside of Crumpler, he was sorely missed during 2006, which shall hereon be known as The Season of Drops. Because of that, it's nice to hear from him. Apparently the rehab is going well, because Finn fully expects to be back in time for the season to start. I encourage you to read it and check up on an old friend who should give an immediate boost to the receiving corps on his return.

When he does get back, the depth chart might be a little shook up. I'm going to project this according entirely to the current state of things and assuming Finn is coming back. Here's how I'd set things up:

1. Jenkins
2. Finneran
3. R. White
4. A. Jennings

I'm not even going to bother putting Lelie on there, first off. White's odd combination of blazing speed and no hands makes him a prime candidate for the slot, where he'll be matched up against weaker defenders and will have time to not screw things up so much. I don't like Finneran as a real #2, but obviously a quality receiver from the draft will change things in a big way.