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Vick's Ready to Rumble

Over at the AJC, D. Orlando Ledbetter examines what Petrino's willing to do to succeed in Atlanta. Not surprisingly, the article is basically about Michael Vick. Specifically, it's about whether Vick is capable of succeeding in Petrino's offense, and it suggests quietly that if the wheels fall off this time it might actually be pinned on #7. One of the more interesting points of discussion here is the casual comparison Ledbetter makes between Petrino's passing attack and that of one Dan Reeves, under whose tutelage Vick had his best season passing, although that still featured a gruesome 54% completion percentage. The question is whether or not Petrino can mold play the Gepetto to Vick's Pinocchio and turn him into a real QB. Ledbetter has a lot of quotes from TV experts in here (including Theismann, whose last name is humorously mispelled) who all seem to think that Vick just needs the proper tutelage to succeed.

Just because I hate agreeing with Theismann and Salisbury over anything, though, let's just say Vick doesn't improve. He doesn't have to regress even further, he just has to get at best a minimal increase in his overall stats. At that point, can anyone really say it's the coaching staff's fault anymore? There's very few people on a national level who would probably say that now, but I'm willing to say that the last coaching staff did very little to plan around Vick's strengths and hope Petrino does. If this attempt fails, even Joe Theismann might have to admit that Vick has been a bust as a passer.