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Well, it's a pretty entertaining field here at this point. The AFC features two teams in the championship game that I could give a rat's ass about (sorry, Stampede Blue and Pats Pulpit), mostly because they win often and I really would prefer neither made it to the Super Bowl. I also had Matt Stover and LT in my playoff pool, so perhaps my rage is derived from those sources. What I am excited about is the Bears-Saints game, which pits two teams that have a decent chance of actually winning this Super Bowl against eachother. Part of me doesn't want to see the Saints make it because they're our division rival and they humiliated the Falcons twice this season, but the other part of me has to admit they've played well enough to deserve it. It's hard to hate on that team when you see those long-suffering fans getting so pumped up for the Drew Brees Show, and I have to grudgingly admit that I'd rather see them win than the Pats, Colts, or Bears. Until further notice, The Falcoholic will be firmly behind the Saints. Please excuse me while my head spins like Linda Blair in The Exorcist.

Also, if you're like me you absolutely hate those stupid Coors Light commercials with the coaches having press conferences. More or less every Coors Light ad in the last three years has made me want to beat Pete Coors with a keg of his "shipped cold" product, which the ad people at Coors apparently failed to realize makes jack for difference considering I can just leave the beer out in 70 degree weather if I want to. But I have to admit, the Jim Mora ad was not only inevitable but also hilarious. They do a terrible job of setting him up for it, but I can never hear him squawk "PLAYOFFS?!" without laughing out loud.

So here's the wrap up question of the day: who are you rooting for, now that we've narrowed the field to four? What do you think of those Coors Light ads? And are people still voting, or can I just crown Bobby Petrino "Pet Rhino" right now?