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Mora Fired

Well, it's here. Courtesy of, Mora's been canned. After a 7-9 finish, it was more or less a foregone conclusion, and I'm not even surprised. Mora represented a bright new hope when he first came along, but in the quickly shifting sands of the NFL coaching gig, he had become old and ineffective within three years. Was his first year a fluke? It's hard to say, really. I'd prefer to believe it wasn't. But the next two years got progressively worse with high expectations, and it was inevitable. Let's just hope they can replace him with a coaching staff that's willing to change and listen. Lord knows the Falcons have been waiting a long time.

I'd like to apologize again for how infrequent the posting has been; unfortunately that's going to continue for a couple more days. Nothing I'm going to get into, but there's some stuff going on that's going to require me to be away from the computer for a while. Thanks for understanding.