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Week 14 Injury Report

Courtesy, as always, from Official Falcons Page, here comes this week's injury report:

CB Jason Webster, Groin, DBT: The big change this week is the upgrade in status for Mr. Webster, who I did not expect to see back anytime soon. He's almost certainly not going to play this week, but his status being upgraded is a good sign or a bad sign, depending on how much or how little you'd like to see him come back. He's on the comeback trail, though.

DE John Abraham, Groin, PROB: He's been a fixture on this damn thing for most of the year. He missed out on Wednesday's practice but he's been running the last two, so I expect to see him going on Sunday.

DT Grady Jackson, Knee, PROB: Another fixture on the list, even though he's played most every week. Carrying around that much extra weight is rarely a good thing for a guy, and he's bound to have some knee problems. Doesn't look like he'll be too limited, though.

T Todd Weiner, Knee, PROB: He just practiced for the first time today, which raises a bit of a red flag. I would expect him to be able to go for Sunday, but a lineman needs his knees pretty badly, so don't hold me to that.

CB Jimmy Williams, Ankle, PROB: As noted in the last entry, it looks like Jimmy's ready to play. He should see some time against the Bucs and their torpid passing game, so look for him and forget that I was dumb to assume he was playing the last three weeks.

And that's it. Pretty small injury report for the day, so tune back in later or tomorrow for game previews and a possible interview with a Bucs' enthusiast.