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Roddy White Watches As Others Open Presents

Or something to that effect. Steve Wyche of the AJC blogs that White's not looking at a lot of catches between last game and the upcoming one against the Bucs. This more or less reaffirms what I thought would be the Falcons' gameplan, and it proved to be apt. White does have vast potential, but when the team is hanging on to their playoff hopes by a strand, it is not the time for throwing to a receiver who appears to have two cement blocks for hands. Wyche's take at the end of the piece mirrors my own:

I can't say that Atlanta has lost faith in White, because it might need him down the stretch. However, if Lelie and Jenkins stay healthy and Crumpler plays well out of the slot, White may have to wait until next season for redemption.

I mostly agree with this. I might even get Adam Jennings a few plays here and there, just to shake things up. But the Falcons should go with the set of receivers that gives them the best chance to win, and that group has to contain Jenkins and Crumpler. Lelie's a few shades better than White, so he should also be in there. If that continues to work, White's going to continue to be a novelty receiver, and that's the way it has to be. Sorry Roddy; maybe next year.

I also wanted to briefly round up a couple things and apologize for the lack of updates yesterday. It won't happen again, so I hope all 3 of you will forgive me.

Also, wanted to tip my hat to Wyche again, for his report that the Falcons and Kerney are beginning talks on a contract extension. If you've been a Falcons fan for any length of time, you know what Kerney means to the franchise and how much he does in the community, so I hope they lock him up real soon. I can't really picture him playing for anyone else. In the same piece, it looks like Jimmy Williams, who has embarassed me for three weeks by defying my predictions that he will play, is slated to see some reps in response to the Bucs' two tightend sets, but Omare Lowe and Schulters will be the nickel backs. Frankly, I'd just give the kid the nickel job, but that's why I'm not a coach (take that as you will).

Have a terrific Friday, everyone. I'll return with an injury report later on in the day.