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I Love Journey!

Sometimes when I first wake up, grizzled and sleepy, I stumble over to the computer and ponder for quite some time what I will write about. Maybe there's a stellar article, maybe there's a team angle to consider, maybe I can just do a good old fashioned rant. Sometimes it takes me a while to sort through and come up with a good idea.

Other days, it's made way, way too easy for me.

Over at the Official Falcons Page this morning, they've got a video (just click on the video link that says Don't Stop Believin') that features season highlights over the dulcet tones of Journey's "Don't Stop Believin'", in an apparent effort to jazz up the fan base for the coming weeks. Don't get me wrong; Journey is a fantastic band, and the intent was correct, but somehow the song becomes transcendant comedy when it's paired up with Vick scrambling furiously through a group of helpless linemen. I can see the guys over at the official page coming up with the idea for a highlight reel:

Guy1: We need a song now. How about Styx?
Guy2: No, that implies the season's a ship. Ships sink.
Guy1: Ja Rule?
Guy2: No, we're really looking for a song that gives them hope, not intenstinal cramping.
Guy1: What about Journey?
Guy2: AWESOME! Everybody loves Journey! plays air guitar

So needless to say, if you want to believe in the Falcons but just can't, this video will put you over the top. I know I now believe that we can take a midnight train going straight for the playoffs, that's for sure.