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Terence Moore Is A Ray Of Sunshine

Terence Moore, columnist for the Atlanta-Journal Constitution, believes the Falcons have given themselves and their fans false hope for the rest of the season by laying the whupping stick to the Redskins. Moore, who woke up this morning with a magic cup of joy coffee and a chorus of magical elves singing the praises of the world over his radio, writes thusly:

Said Milloy, smiling, "At that point, which was after the second game, the players decided to take over the team, and you know the rest of the story."

The Patriots won the Super Bowl. Which means what for the Falcons?

Well, not that.

If you read the comments section after this particular story, you'll notice quite a bit of venom from pissed off fans, which I don't agree with. The Falcons are still sitting at .500 and have a long road to the playoffs, but it's certainly not impossible in such a wretchedly weak conference. Moore's certainly not wrong to say the Falcons can't recover from a month of gruesome football, but the 'clearly this is not going to happen, so abandon all ye who enter the Georgia Dome' mentality isn't particularly helpful or productive. Being negative after a bad loss is one thing, but being negative after a win in which a lot of things actually went right seems a bit counterproductive.

Moore does have the right idea in praising Milloy, who decided to pep talk this team up a little bit and clearly has decided to play the part of the inspiring veteran. Just because I don't completely agree with the angry fans or Terence Moore doesn't mean I'm right; just means I'm a firm believer in the magic words of maybe and possibly.

What do you guys think?