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Week 17 Open Game Thread: Atlanta @ Philadelphia

Lincoln Financial Field, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
4:15 PM
Partly Cloudy with a High of 50, Low of 42
The exciting playoff front heading Atlanta's way has completely disappated
Fun Fact: The Falcons can no longer make the playoffs, so the only purpose this game serves is to end the year on a high note. Wow, that wasn't actually very fun, was it?
Spread is even

Let's end this up and down season with dignity!

Update [2006-12-31 18:18:15 by Dave the Falconer]: Decent game; the issue most of you are probably concerned with now that the playoffs are out of reach is whether Mora will be fired, and it's worth nothing that the rumors are flying. I'd like to see him stay with a new staff or move on entirely, and I think the latter is more likely. Let's see how this unfolds.

UPDATE Damn, damn, and damn. A weak loss proves to be a fitting end to the season, and now we get to have a look-see back through it. Hooray.