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Week 13 Open Game Thread, Falcons @ Redskins

FedEx Field, Landover, MD
1:00 PM ET
High of 50, Low of 32, Partly Cloudy.
Two below average teams colliding, likely creating a low scoring front.
Fun Fact: T.J. Duckett, after serving as the Falcons' goal line back for the last few years, has scored exactly 0 TDs thus far this year and sat out most of the Redskins' first half of the season.
Washington Favored 2.0, Atlanta Underdog, O/U 39

Let's make chunky soup out of Campbell! (Ha, I'm so clever!)

I'm putting this thread up early in hopes of getting all of you to weigh in in advance of gametime; who's winning, and who's the MVP?