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Week 16 Open Game Thread: Falcons vs. Panthers

Georgia Dome, Atlanta, Georgia
1:00 PM (Already started!)
Weather, as always, doesn't matter
A snow of poor passes may come from the Weinke front, but hopefully not from the Vick front
Fun Fact: The Falcons are 8-3 against the Panthers since 2001, a surprising record considering that the Panthers have been pretty good for a lot of that span.
All bets are off on this one.


Update [2006-12-24 15:34:38 by Dave the Falconer]: What an awful game. Apparently the Falcons are getting Mora, Knapp, and Donatell fired for Christmas.

Update [2006-12-24 15:57:31 by Dave the Falconer]: I'm bitterly disappointed about this, and I think if you're a fan on any level, you more or less have to be. It's virtually impossible for the Falcons to make the playoffs now, and they bombed out with one of their worst efforts of the entire year. I don't know if they quit on the coaching staff. I don't know if they just are really that bad. I don't know if this was just a down performance. What it all comes down to is that this is a second straight lost season, and that's extremely frustrating. I'm off to guzzle eggnog and forget this happened for the next couple of days. Have a great holiday season, everyone, and don't think about it too much. I'll be doing plenty of complaining for all of us within a few days.