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A Long Injury Report

Good lord, that's a lot of names. In order to properly defy me, the coaching staff has put 90% of them under the heading of probable...but that's good news, so I'll take it. Courtesy of the Official Falcons Page, here we go.

DE John Abraham, Thumb, QUES: Damnit John! You get off the injury report this instant! Why are you on here all the time, anyways?

DT Jonathan Babineaux, Knee, PROB: I have little doubt that Babineaux will play. He's a solid guy with the ability to play through some pain, so barring an upset, look for him Sunday.

DT Rod Coleman, Knee, PROB: Took part in the last two practices and is an odds-on favorite to bring his unique style of QB killing to the field on Sunday. Hooray!

HB Warrick Dunn, Calf, PROB: It's becoming increasingly apparent that he's wearing down, and I hope this doesn't mean he's winding down his career. Regardless, he's still solid even when tired and hopefully will gash the Panthers for a few big pickups.

CB DeAngelo Hall, Ego, PROB: Just kidding, of course. It's actually his knee that's hurt, unless he stores his ego in his kneecap. That would probably make his legs look disproportinate, though, so probably not.

LB Ed Hartwell, Hamstring, PROB: Another familiar name on the injury list. Hammies can be nasty, so I'm using caution and saying he'll probably be limited on Sunday.

DT Grady Jackson, Knee, PROB: Are you kidding me? Three defensive tackles, all with knee problems? Is there some sort of DT-inflicting knee flu going around? Bueller?

HB Jerious Norwood, Knee, PROB: Next to Vick, Norwood might be the most crucial injury on here. He's our lone option for stretching the run defense at this point in the season, and we desperately need him to play in order to change the pace of the game. Here's hoping.

QB Michael Vick, Groin, PROB: I like Schaub, and there are times I'd rather see him in there, of course. But coming off a great game and against the Panthers, a team he has the ability to absolutely terrorize, I want Vick in there. It sounds like he'll be able to play.

CB Jason Webster, Groin, PROB: I have nothing of value to say about Jason Webster. He'll probably play, and then maybe I will.

T Todd Weiner, Knee, PROB: I fully expect him to play, especially if Vick does. He's a critical piece of the O-line.