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Newsy Type Post

Just a brief post before the injury report concerning some things on the Offical Falcons Page that interested me this morning.

First up, OL Austin King has been put on injured reserve because of an illness. In the team's typically vague way, there's nothing regarding what the illness is, but if it's serious enough to merit an IR designation, even this late in the season...well, I just hope he gets better soon. In the same story, there's news that the Falcons have signed yet another safety in J.R. Reed, while signing OL Jason Palermo to the practice squad and releasing S Cam Newton, who I hope can actually get some playing time somewhere else.

It's sort of a public relations thing, of course, but I'd be remiss if I didn't mention that Keith Brooking is the 2006 Falcons' Man of the Year, an honor he richly deserves. You can read about all the charitable things he does in the article and elsewhere, but juts know that Brooking's been doing this a very long time, and he's definitely a guy I'm proud to have on this team.

And then there's the final news item, which frankly just confused me. Much like the hilarity afforded by the Journey video, the "Dome Field advantage" video (found on the front page) is about as good as it gets. I don't want to spoil it for everyone too much, but let's just say that if you've got the epilepsy, weak eardrums, or an adversion to chubby white guys yelling, you probably shouldn't watch this. Everyone else, go nuts.