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Vick Likely to Play/ DeAngelo Hall Turns the Other Cheek

Another two pronged story that features a pair of links from, proving once again that I'm somewhere between predictable and lazy.

Our first story comes from, surprisingly, and tells us that Vick is slowly improving. After the game he had last week and due to his on again/ off again success against the Panthers, I'm sure everyone would like to see him play. If he can't, however, Matt Schaub is practicing and ready to go. The best idea might be to start Vick and mix in Schaub if Vick finds himself tired or sore; I definitely want Vick ready to go for the Eagles, although I'm trying not to look past the Panthers. My favorite part of this entire story is Dunn's quote about Schaub, where he appears to be reading directly from The Big Book of Football Cliches:

"If it's Matt, I feel confident," said running back Warrick Dunn. "He has played in the league a few years and he's made some plays when he's had the opportunity. It's going to be a collective team effort. He's a confident kid. He's going to go out and play his game if his number is called."

That's just deep.

Our second article is also from the many headed beast of and concerns the beef between T.O. and DeAngelo, which appears to be imitation beef at best. Apparently fellow loudmouth cornerback Deion Sanders convinced Hall to have a three-way phone conversation (please, no horrible, horrible jokes) with him and T.O., which settled things. Frankly, if I got a call from T.O. after he had spit in my face, I probably would've laughed at him, especially after he changed his story. Hall is apparently a bigger man, though. I'd like to commend him for having enough class to not hold a grudge, but I do hope that the next time they meet he "accidentally" nails T.O. into the ground. Accidentally.