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Falcons Send Two to Hawaii

In case you missed the news,  has it: Alge Crumpler and DeAngelo Hall are heading to the Pro Bowl. A pretty small list, and it's amazing that Vick didn't get in by reputation, considering he's actually having arguably a better season than last year. But that's the Pro Bowl for you.

Crumpler clearly deserves to be there, as he's once again the team's top receiver and one of the top-flight tight ends in the game of football. I can only hope he dials it down a notch in Hawaii, because otherwise he might turn the bench over and spill everyone's pina coladas.

Hall is an interesting choice. He's flashy, he talks trash, his stats alone make a good case for him...but I'm not entirely sure he deserves to be going as a starter. He's gotten burnt to a crisp by some of the league's better receivers this year, and I would argue that if you were going to take one player from the defense, you should take either Boley or Brooking. But the fans have spoken in their nominations for a meaningless exhibition game, and far be it from me to question the democracy of it.

Props to our 2006 Pro Bowl Falcons!