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T.O. Spits, NFL Spits Back/ Roundtable

Thanks to the grand high wizards at, we now know that Terell Owens has been fined $35k for spitting on DeAngelo Hall. Personally, I was disappointed they didn't work the guillotine in, but I'm also not a big T.O. fan. I'd actually rather this fine came and went without too much commentary, just because I'm sick of him grabbing headlines, but at least the fine was a pretty heavy one.

I also turned to the other brave souls around SBNation for opinions on the Jim Mora flap, and while I'm not going to print any quotes, I'll give you an idea of the responses. I said that I'd probably wait out the season and sack him; that was a fairly popular response from around the Nation. Others expressed resignation about the revolving door that NFL coaching jobs have become and weren't overly surprised that it happened. Most said they thought he was serious, but many also expressed the opinion that the comments were blown up to be something greater than they were. And maybe that's true.

What are your thoughts?