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Week 15 Open Game Thread, Falcons vs. Cowboys

Georgia Dome, Atlanta, Georgia
8:00 PM ET
High of 71, Low of 40, but hell, it's a dome
A high friction front moving in between Mora and team
Fun Fact: The Cowboys are gaining about thirty yards more than the Falcons and surrendering about thirty yards less. Does it mean anything? Maybe not. But that's why it's a fun fact!
Dallas Favored, 3.5, Atlanta Underdog, O/U 45

Let's save horses and kick the crap out of the Cowboys!

I apologize for the lack of a game preview this week, as time constraints have conspired against me. But between my coverage and the links provided below, you should have no problem getting ready for this one. Post here early and often, folks, and I'll check it as often as I can.

For more game info, check out:

ESPN Intel Report

Blogging The Boys

Official Falcons Page Gameday

Update [2006-12-16 12:21:6 by Dave the Falconer]: According to the Official Falcons Page, Dunn and Norwood both practiced yesterday, and via Blogging the Boys, it appears the NFL Network is now reporting that both are likely playing tonight. This, as I don't have to tell you, is fantastic.

Update [2006-12-16 13:43:55 by Dave the Falconer]: Nice take on the Mora flap by TT bOi over at the Fanhouse; give it a read. I more or less agree with him, but I'd like to hear what everyone thinks.