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The Links Continue

Steve Hummer of the AJC writes a brief article about the Cowboys getting ready for the Falcons in which there is the most interesting rumor. To wit:

"There's a rumor going around they might even put Vick back there," Ayodele said Tuesday to a visitor from Atlanta. "There" being the Falcons backfield, where Warrick Dunn and Jerious Norwood are questionable. "Vick" being Michael, the quarterback with the fancy feet.

"Not like he can't. He can create so much trickery out of that -- reverses, double reverses, halfback pass. I'm thinking about it and wondering -- why haven't they thought about it before?"

Now, let me be clear about this. I think that's somewhere between wishful thinking and locker room mutterings, so I don't put too much stock in it. At the same time...hell, I'm intrigued. Putting Schaub and Vick in the same backfield would  be confusing as hell, and the Cowboys wouldn't know who was going to throw or whether Vick was going to run on any given play. They could at least run it a couple times and probably see some success, but I do have to wonder if Vick's ego would handle it. If he'd be willing, though, it would be by far the most creative and gutsy thing Greg Knapp has ever done. Unless he's wrestled cougars and no one's told me about it, anyways. The 'Boys are reeling, and any new looks we can give them would be helpful. My guess, however, is that it doesn't happen, and the Cowboys at best psyche themselves out a little. Oh well, a man can dream, I guess.

Update [2006-12-13 13:15:15 by Dave the Falconer]: Pretty hilarious post over at the AOL Fanhouse by TT bOi, where he relates the exciting news that Greg Knapp is a candidate for the Stanford University job and wonders "how can we help him get hired?". My suggestion is that we all call Stanford and tell them what a wonderful experience we've had with Mr. Knapp, and then hang up snickering. I'm open to suggestions!