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Morten Andersen: An Epic Journey

Interesting feature piece on Morten Andersen by Chris Pika of the Official Falcons Page, which reads like a thank you speech for an Oscar. It is heartening to read quotes from an athlete (don't challenge my use of the term) which don't sprial around and around until they somehow thank themselves and no one else. For all the old jokes I make about him--and believe me, I'm far from done with them--he's had an amazing career, and I wish him well on Saturday in his pursuit.

href="">Mark Bradley's take on whether Vick was the better choice than Tomlinson. It's a very valid question, but I also feel it has been, can be, and will be debated in circles until the end of time. Bradley chooses to argue that it made the Falcons legit and important on the national stage, and perhaps that's the best way to argue for Vick at this point. He also points out that Vick's still plenty young enough, and has time to turn things around. This is an issue I don't usually like to bring up around these parts, but I like Bradley's take and I wanted some honest opinions from everyone else. What do you guys think?