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Week 13 Injury Report & Interesting Story

Very slim injury report this week; I was waiting for the usual update on the Official Falcons Page, but the report is so slim and so predictable that I just decided it wasn't worth it. Let's delve in.

CB Jason Webster, Groin, OUT: Why are they still putting you on the injury report, exactly? You're not playing again this season, probably. I think  Jim Mora just likes seeing your name up there, week after week. That's what I think.

CB Jimmy Williams, Ankle, QUES: If he's still listed as questionable come the final update, I'm going to scream. He practiced Wednesday and Thursday, so it's almost a mortal lock that he's going to play. This business of nailing people with the questionable tag makes absolutely zero sense to me.

DE John Abraham & DT Rod Coleman, OFF REPORT: They were miraculously listed as probable, but now they're off the report, which is good news. We'll need a full strength Abraham in order to put some real pressure on Jason Campbell and his Chunky Soup.

Also, wanted to direct you to this article by Greg Garber over at, addressing exactly the issue I've been harping on recently. He collects quotes from the team on how Vick tries to win the game himself and should not entirely be blamed for the team's steady decline. While I mostly agree with the premise, it's a little bit light on the analysis and more or less avoids blaming Vick at all--something I don't entirely agree with. Lot of good quotes here, but the most telling is probably this one from Alge Crumpler:

Said Crumpler, "The talent's here. It's just time for the youth to grow up. The young guys need to catch the football."

I think that's as much a warning as it is a comment. I think that the next time Roddy White drops an easy catch, Crumpler's going to lift him over his shoulder and powerbomb him into the turf. Save yourself, Roddy!

But seriously, give the article a look, and let me know what you think. Have a terrific Friday, everyone!