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Forney's Outta Here, Schulters In

From the omniscient throne of comes this fantastic report which tells us that Forney is gone for the year, placed on the injured reserve with a shoulder injury. You'll recall that I wondered why Forney kept going out there with a clearly recurring shoulder problem. I am delighted to report that his playing seems to have been the final straw, and now we've lost one of our best offensive linemen for the entire year.


The good news is that Lance Schulters is on his way to get some playing time at safety. Kevin Mathis was an emotional leader for this team, no doubt, but Schulters is probably the more talented player.  If they can platoon him with Crocker and Milloy, the safeties as a unit should begin to play better, which will in turn take a little pressure off Hall and Webster, who need help. The secondary has been downright awful the last few weeks, and this can't help but be an improvement. The offensive line could be in some serious trouble at this point, however. Lehr will be back after the Browns game, but the team is now faced with the possibility of playing the rest of the season with a hole in the line. And I think I speak for all of us when I say that possibility is...


We're screwed.

Update [2006-11-9 12:57:46 by Dave the Falconer]: I'm unfortunately running around too much today to make this a full post, but Kevin Mathis has been placed on the IR, and Marlion Jackson called up from the practice squad. This likely means Norwood is iffy for Sunday's game. Jackson's actually a fairly capable back, I think, but we'll have to see how he performs on Sunday. Check out the Official Falcons Page for more on this.