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The Emergence of Jimmy Williams

D. Orlando Ledbetter has an article over at The Atlanta Journal-Constitution about Jimmy Williams, the young cornerback who is itchin' to play:

"When I was in college I played every position back there," Williams said. "My last year in college I started as the No. 1 defensive back in the country, whether it was corner or safety or whatever. I can play back there.

"I've got confidence. That's not a problem. Whether if they want me to guard somebody in the slot, playing free safety or coming down in the box. I've done it all back there."

Normally this eagerness would be one of those fun little stories where the team says "Aw, gee, Jimmy. You've gotta wait your turn and let the big folk play! Here, have a lollipop." With the injury to Mathis (which they are now saying could jeopardize his career, the poor guy), Williams is suddenly the next in line. I have no doubts about the guy's talent whatsoever, and the way the secondary played against the Lions (with him a part of it as the nickel corner), it's probably best to toss him in there rather than make Allen Rossum do more work. I've got a feeling he'll swim rather than sink. Of course, if he plays spectacularly well, there's a small chance the team will sit Webster and play a Hall/ Williams tandem at corner, which would be a year or two ahead of schedule but most welcome at this point.

Play well, Jimmy. Show the fans and the management something special so we can stop hammering nails through our hands about the Lions game and have something to cheer about.