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An Angry, Inarticulate Postgame Injury Report

I will have a full postgame thread tomorrow after I've finished frothing at the mouth and being sedated, but for now I wanted to note that this was a particularly nasty day to be a Falcon because of the mighty injury bug.

It all began on the opening kickoff, which probably should've tipped us off that something was going to go terribly wrong. Reliable backup CB Kevin Mathis jammed his entire head off of Eddie Drummond's leg and ended up motionless on the turf for almost five scary minutes until he was carted off on the stretcher. The good news is that he regained feeling in his extremities. It's still the worst feeling in football, watching someone lying facedown and unmoving. All I can ever think of is Darryl Stingley of the Patriots, who was paralyzed by a vicious hit by Jack Tatum back in 1978. Recover soon, Kevin.

Kynan Forney, who surprised me by starting the game at guard, left with a (surprise!) shoulder injury. I really believe that Forney should be fully healthy before stepping on the field, especially because a shoulder injury somewhat limits his ability to block effectively. Maybe I'm just crazy.

I'm not entirely sure what happened to Milloy...somebody help me out? I was busy putting my hand in a vise at that point. All I know is that when I came back to the TV, he was sitting helplessly on the ground, and that he was able to walk off on his own two legs. Haven't been able to find an official update on that yet. He was replaced by Omare Lowe.

Jerious Norwood took an awkward looking tackle that folded his knee up a little bit, and he was down for quite a while before he could haul his ass up and off the field. Noticeable limp, though, which is a major concern. If Norwood is injured, look for the team to promote Marlion Jackson or try to sign somebody like Lee Suggs from the WaiverZone. No update on Norwood yet, either.

And finally, Crumpler and Dunn were each shaken up but were able to return the game, so their injuries don't appear to be anything serious.

That's just not good at all. If we had beaten the Lions, you could say it was an all out effort in which some guys sacrificed their health, and I guess you could still say that...but instead it was an ugly loss and featured several injuries that could be a major problem down the line. Awful, awful game. Let's hope everyone can come back against the Browns next week.