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Week 9 Open Thread: Falcons @ Lions

Ford Field, Detroit, Michigan
1:00 PM ET
Partly Cloudy, High of 52, Precipitation 10%
Chance of a blowout
Fun Fact: Every expert at has predicted the Falcons to win. This is probably a bad sign.
Atlanta Favored, 5.5, Detroit Underdog, 47

Destroy the Lions!

(I really enjoy how the Lions logo seems to be fleeing from the Falcons logo, here.)

Update [2006-11-5 14:35:0 by Dave the Falconer]: Lately the Falcons have had the delightful trend of falling asleep during the first quarter of games and playing catch up. Fortunately, they're showing signs of heating up, so hopefully that'll carry over in the second half and we won't have to cringe anymore.

Update [2006-11-5 15:54:1 by Dave the Falconer]: This is disgusting. Norwood and Milloy get hurt, the offense can't go anywhere, the defense can't stop anyone...I'm really hoping for a nice, last second rally here, of course. But this team has shown little sign since the end of the second quarter that they deserve to win this game. Unbelievable.