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A Lightweight Injury Report

Only three names on the injury report this week, which is reassuring. All three of them are pretty damn good, though, so that's not quite as helpful. Let's examine our medical sheet, also available over here.

DE John Abraham, Groin, OUT: Why hello, John. Looks like you're back again. Take these pom poms and cheer on Chauncey, Paul, and Josh. No, you may not wear the cheerleader outfit!

G Kynan Forney, Shoulder, QUES: Forney's not likely to play, especially against a Lions' line that isn't notorious for high levels of QB pressure. Look for Clabo to get the start again, unless Jim Mora has fallen madly in love with PJ Alexander.

LB Edgerton Hartwell, Knee, QUES: Oh gee, look who it is. Hartwell was a popular tourist attraction on the injury report last year; I think he probably can play, but with Demorrio Williams available as a third LB, Mora might decide he doesn't have to.

An additional note: Fred McCrary and Grady Jackson are both off the injury report. That leaves three starters at 50% or worse, which sounds pretty typical.

Game preview will be up later tonight, so stop on by again.