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Best QB/Mustache

As I dash between raindrops that should be snow (curse you, warm front!), I decided to put up a quick post and hopefully spark a little debate around here. My compatriots at the other SBNation football blogs (and I encourage you to check them all out, by the way) and I have been peacefully debating the Best QB Ever, to whose name I submitted Steve Young. Other nominations have included Sammy Baugh, Joe Montana, and John Elway. My question for you, my gentle reader, is who your pick would be. Back it up with some stats, a memory, a good old fashioned tangent, whatever you'd like. But I'd like to hear from all of you.

Oh, and as you can see from the post below this one, Hogs Haven is attempting to pick a mustache related fight with me in the post below. I countered with the fearsome upper lip warmer of former NFL QB Jeff Hostetler, but this is another case where I'd like your opinion. Which NFL player has the best mustache of all time? Back it up with stats, a memory, a good old fashioned tangent, a comb related story...whatever floats your boat. We should be able to start a fun little debate around here.