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Vick Has Itchy Fingers

By now you've probably all seen the video, and you'll hear the resulting quiet firestorm in the next couple days. Just to be clear, an adored, overrated QB making $100 million should never be flipping off a stadium full of fans who paid good money to watch him and his team stink. As a matter of fact, no players should be giving the dirty bird to the fans. I'll cull some of the best reactions to this from the interwebs in the next couple days and present them for your disposal, but what's your opinion? Was Vick justified, or does someone need to sit him down and have a long talk with him?

Update [2006-11-26 20:38:22 by Dave the Falconer]: Check out this story from the magical land of's Len Pasquarelli, who strikes a fairly neutral tone but notes the growing divide between those who love Vick and those who perhaps don't love him as much. I'm sensing a looming conflict.