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Oven Mitts: It's Not Just One Guy Anymore

Folks, we got our butts kicked. Our asses handed to us. Our entire team swallowed a can of We-Suck, the energy drink for losers. However you slice it and dice it, the Falcons were clearly the inferior team in every facet of the game. We lost, and we deserved to lose. It's safe to say the Saints are the better team. I'm not here to concentrate on specifically what went wrong with this game, as that will be covered in my usual postgame thread tomorrow, but instead to offer you an image that perfectly sums up the last month of the season.

Vick is in trouble. He has been all day, thanks to a combination of poor decision making and poor protection. He spots Roddy White streaking down the field and hurls it into the air. Through some inexplicable lapse, White is wide open. The ball is mildly underthrown, White crouches down a bit and the ball hits him directly in the hands. It's a touchdown! It's at least a first down! It's...a dropped pass? *@#$!

So the entire receiving corps decided to take after Jenkins and wear these:

I still don't believe Vick should have thrown his receivers under a bus. Don't get me wrong. But his criticism seems increasingly valid as nobody can hold on to the ball. If Vick had a receiving corps of Anquan Boldin, T.O., and Chad Johnson, he would have to coat the ball in Vaseline to achieve this many drops. Jenkins is actually showing slow signs of improvement, but Roddy White is now officially a   wasted first round pick. He may get better next year, of course, but he's done so poorly this year that I want my money back. I would take Andre Rison coming out of retirement instead of Roddy White. Hell, I'd take Bert Emmanuel out of retirement before I'd take Roddy White. And Lelie and Jenkins have done poorly too. It's not their fault solely that we lost this game by any stretch of the imagination. But the Falcons cannot stand pat on this receiving corps going into next year; it's time to get a proven vet or an extremely talented receiver from the draft. It may even be time to see what Adam Jennings can do, because 4+ drops a game is going to kill you every time, especially when they're as cringeworthy as White's.