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Week 12 Open Game Thread, Falcons vs. Saints

Georgia Dome, Atlanta, Georgia
1:00 PM ET
Weather's nice, but it's a dome, people.
Drew Brees should activate the air raid sirens.
Fun Fact: Reggie Bush was amazingly hyped for someone who has a 3.0 YPC average and only one rushing TD, eh? He does have 61 receptions for 410 yards, but no TDs there, either.
Atlanta Favored (?), 3.0, New Orleans Underdog, O/U 48

Let's...well, I can't think of an appropriate smashing metaphor for the Saints. Let's...kick them out of the Holy Land? Yeah, this isn't working.

Let's win! Update [2006-11-26 14:17:28 by Dave the Falconer]: Wow, Vick has a halftime QB rushing record with 127 yards on 9 carries. Falcons threatening here; this is a key drive.

Update [2006-11-26 15:38:12 by Dave the Falconer]: Wow. Any chance we can trade Roddy White for like, a box of Junior Mints? That was the worst drop I've ever seen.